Car Gadgets


        Every car owner needs to deal with some difficult situations now and again. Flat tires, dead batteries are issues that can leave you feeling frustrated. It is therefore essential to invest in some efficient car gadgets to save you from unexpected situations in the middle of the road. Gadgets such as mini car inflators, handheld cordless vacuum, and portable car battery jump starters are bound to prove super helpful. 

Keep reading to learn more about the above-mentioned car gadgets.

  1. Mini Car Tire Inflators

            Tire pressure is likely to fluctuate often, whether due to a puncture or due to putting extra miles on a vehicle.  Hence, it is necessary to maintain proper PSI in your tires.  This is when mini tire inflators come handy by serving the purpose and filling your tires immediately with the help of electric motors and pumps. 

sCorded inflators use a 12V power plug into your vehicle’s 12V jack to run off the car’s battery. Some can also clip directly to the battery, like jumper cables. The reason these inflators are preferable is because they rule off the need for keeping an additional battery charged in your car. 

  1. Handheld Cordless Vacuum

           Handheld vacuum cleaners can go into places where larger vacuum cleaners can't – sounds amazing, right? It sure is, especially if you are a cleaning freak! With a handheld cordless vacuum, finding crumbs hidden beneath the car seat or dirt under the foot mats becomes super easy. 

Moreover, handheld vacuums with strong suction strength clear up not only obvious crumbs and debris but also fine dust and pet hair. You can easily so some deep cleaning for a good half an hour without the gadget stressing your wrists and forearms. Additionally, the vacuum usually comes with a complimentary carrying bag that makes storing and transportation a breeze. Besides, these vacuum cleaners only require a 12-volt battery power supply, which means that there is no risk of electrocution.


  1. Portable Car Battery Jump Starter Pack


               Portable car battery Jump starters for cars provide us comfort in the distressing situations of dying car batteries. In other words, jumper packs are a great addition to any car emergency kit since they're a self-contained means to get a vehicle started with a dead or dying battery. Furthermore, they can also charge a variety of electronic gadgets. So, even if a jump starter pack fails to serve its main purpose, you can still call for help by charging your phone.

Also, it is important to note that battery Jump starters do not require the use of a power source, since they do not recharge the battery. A jump starter, on the other hand, just supplies enough power to start the vehicle's engine.

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