True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets
True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank - Grabyourgadgets

True Twin 2 In 1 Wireless Headphones With Powerbank

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Keep your Smartphone in the queue any time


These Dual Wireless Headphones with Powerbank are designed with smart technology and a golden rim for style statement! They are also very convenient and easy to ! Whenever you are down to the last drop of energy in your phone, just plug it into this portable charger and your phone will come back to life like it just had a triple energy shot. The on/off switch allows you to control how much power you want to use and save some for the later. 


True Twin.. a slick headphone and power bank in one! 



    • It comes in multiple colors with a golden rim to select from.


    • It is very handy and can be carried in your pocket or purse.


    • Get more as stocking stuffers, each sold separately.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
piotr pervij
stars Surprised me alot especially for the price.

Have tried a few different brands of Bluetooth earbuds (around the neck, wire between, and true wireless) and have to say, don't hesitate buying these. I also have a set of $70 True wireless earbuds which I was/am pretty impressed with considering similar specced ones as those go for 100-200...I figured get another brand at a lower price point for a noisy shop I work in that I wasn't afraid to lose, get dirt,get sweaty in, and these matched what I was looking for.

Battery life is decent and as advertised, I get about 3.5 hrs consistently a 75% volume (which is plenty loud enough, almost too loud at times, depending on music/bass levels of song)

Sound quality is solid, it does tend to be a fuller/bassier sound with decent treble so anyone listening to hip-hop, EDM, and bass heavy music should find these to deliver those notes well. Once you do find the right tips to use, sound isolation from outside noise is really good, I even use them as pseudo earplugs around the shop when not listening to music, and have had people yell for me and I didn't hear them.

Call quality is pretty good, people on other end come through clear ad they've reported that I sounded clear to them, which is pretty impressive if you take into account that the mics are all the way at your ear.

Fit in-ear is really good and the preinstalled tips fit, hold and isolate outside noise perfectly for my ears. My ears specifically have a slight shape difference to 90% of others and I have no problem keeping them in my ears shaking around, bending over, walking around, laying on ground twisting head around in various directions as I work etc.

Case is very small, lightweight and so far I've gotten 4 full recharges out of it and still had juice left in the case. Earbud recharge time with the case is pretty quick (1hr-ish)

Pairing is as simple as it gets, pull out, earbuds go into pair mode, click on earbuds in phone menu and connected....every reconnection afterward is lightening fast. Literally pull them out and by the time you put them up to your ear, they're connected. Some of the fastest connections I've gotten with 8+ Bluetooth earbud sets I've owned.

Range is actually more than advertised. Says 33 ft which is typical of most Bluetooth connections, I personally use a phone equipped with BT 5.0 and the earbuds themselves have BT 5.0, and I get about 70ish feet (without walls in between) before signal starts to break up as I walk around my work/shop.

If there was any minor improvement I would like to see, then it'd be maybe a little more battery life and on earbud volume control. 5 hrs would be perfect in this form/size factor. Not too big of an issue for me, since I just switch over to my other earbuds and charge these and they're ready when my other ones need to be charged.

Overall, I highly recommend.

Agent Rockstar
Very good value for the money rivaling more expensive options.

Impressive for the price. I have the SoundCore Liberty Lites and Zolo Liberty ear buds. I'm not an audio buff, though I can appreciate quality, but when it comes to wireless it is more about convenience, portability and in the case of these type of ear buds it is the charging case that is a selling point.

These have a particular feature I was seeking : the use of either left or right earbud by itself. Without the need to have a "main" earbud out of the case or only being able to use the right one only.

I can now listen with either earbud, not carrying or using two sets (one charging while the other in use). Also, very simple to go from mono to stereo, no fuss or issues.

I use these with an ipad mini 4 and a Galaxy S8+ as well as the Galaxy watch.

So far no interference. Haven't really wanted to use them for calls as I'd rather just use the phone directly but when using the microphone I definitely had to speak up for them to pick up the audio. So in a crowded or noisy area these are not going to cut it.

Wish they came in additional colors. Preferred the bigger case with lid, but still am able to slip them in any pocket and aren't going to take up a lot of space.

I can't stress enough that you must try the different earbud tips to get a proper seal so you get better sound and some bass.

If you just love music and just want to be able to listen without wires and know what you want out of these type of devices, these will do very well and you are saving money over the ones that cost closer to a Benjamin.

As an FYI I mostly listen to streaming via Spotify and select the ultra high quality download and stream. Just did a workout and listen to a variety of music, currently listening to "the girl from Ipanema" and I gotta say I'm not disappointed. Couldn't even really hear anything past the music. Did rigorous calisthenics and weight lifting and the earbuds even though they don't have sleeves they stayed put. Also very easy to skip song double tap on the right for forward or backwards on the left. Volume at around 80% was plenty. Definitely keepers.

Astounding quality, Superb Value

I can’t say I was really looking for a pair of wireless earbuds. I’d seen what other vendors have to offer and thought that they were more a fashion accessory than hardware that provides a quality user experience. And with a price that makes me cringe, I figured I’d sit this particular gadget out.

Man… I was wrong!

When I found out that SoundPeats had an offering in this space and at this price, I thought I’d give it a try. I have found my other SoundPeats headphones to be unbeatable in value, battery life, performance and sound reproduction. So, at this price, how could I lose?

I haven’t been disappointed! Now, a brief caveat – I am NOT an audiophile. My earliest experience with music and sound reproduction was with AM radio and, for those of you too young to remember, THAT was not Hi-Fi at all… And frankly, I can’t say my tastes have grown with the years. So I’m not going to tell you the highs are the highest you’re going to hear or the lows make a whale sound his song in response, but I will tell you that I love listening to music with them on and the podcasts I listen to are flawless on these.

I wear them to the gym and have no fear of losing them – they fit perfectly and comfortably in my ear and don’t stick out like some of the white ones you see people wearing. In fact, they are nearly invisible. And, amazingly, the battery life is as advertised. I’m used to discounting at least 15% from the advertised battery life and these lasted a solid 3.5 hours at max volume.

They come in a solid feeling charger case that includes a 3000 mAh battery – when they do run low, you have a good ten minutes of warning and then you just throw them back in the case for a quick charge and you’re back in business. When I opened the packaging (also, a SUPER high quality looking package), I noticed the heft and build quality of the case instantly. In fact, everything about these earbuds makes me think of a product that costs much more.

It’s nice to be able to touch one or the other and make the music advance or rewind, answer calls with a tap of my ear, skip songs the same way. I’m not groping for a wire hanging around my neck, I’m just tapping the left or right ear bud, depending on what I’m trying to do. Takes a little getting used to, but if I can master it, I’m sure just about anyone else can do so far faster than I did.

Good quality? Yes!

Good value! Absolutely!

Am I happy with these? Darn Right!

Would I buy again? Doubtlessly!

vizeet srivastava
stars Very good product. Value for money.

Very good sound quality... better than my jbl full ear noice cancellation earphone. Only issue is earbuds shows charged even when not charged. Sometimes i need to put it much longer like 1 hr to make it actually work.

These punch harder and higher than their price point suggests

1 year of use revisit at the bottom of the review.

Original Review:

I just ran through the first full charge on these earbuds. They sound better than the price point may lead one to believe. Bass is quite full compared to other wireless buds I've used with mids not very accurate and fairly decent highs.
At this price point ($30-35) you really cannot have very high expectations.
The multifunction buttons built into both earbuds do not feel very intuitive and take some force to actuate. I did not enjoy pausing, resuming or changing volume as every push resulted in pushing them deeper into my ear canal, which is not that much fun.

The case is not particularly large and would fit in any pocket. The magnets inside the case will definitely keep the buds secure to their charging locations. There is no external case indication of charge status of the ear buds. You have to open the case and look at the LEDs on the buds themselves in order to find out whether they are done charging, or not. The two external LEDs on the case are solely to indicate case charging status. If you look very closely and focus on the lid of the case you will find out that it's partially transparent and the ear bud LEDs may be visible through the case lid, but not in all conditions. If you are outside in bright light you're unlikely to be able to see through the case lid, but inside and in dim lighting they should be visible without opening the lid. Case lid can be operated single handed if needed.

I made a 1 hour long phone call with no mic quality complaints. I also spent another 3.5 hours playing music at volume between 35 and 50% for a total charge lasting 4.5 hours.

There are a total of 4 sizes tips included in the box to cater to different sized ear canals. I highly suggest experimenting with the different sized tips to get the best fit before you start judging noise cancellation, volume or how securely they fit into your ears.

Additionally when placing these buds into your ears, you should use a twisty motion for best fitment and also grasp the bud on its sides and avoid pushing the multi-function button.

Only 1 microphone hole is visible on each bud, but both buds have a separate microphone allowing them to each be paired and used separately for phone calls or if you want to listen to music/podcasts/video with one bud only in mono mode. That requires a separate pairing setup compared to stereo pairing with a device.

I will make it a point to use this set only going forward over the next few weeks in order to fully evaluate them and update the review with more insight and real world usage statistics, but so far so good. Definitely a good buy in this price range and they seem to deliver a lot of value at a very reasonable price point that is affordable to the masses.

6 Month Update

As I approach the 6 month mark I decided to take a second look at these earbuds. They have been my daily drivers for the past 5+ months. They have been great for phone calls and listening to music. The battery life has stayed consistent throughout and I have yet to keep them in my ear long enough to completely drain the case to a point where earbuds and case are both dead. I am quite keen of the way they sound and I highly recommend purchasing these. They do not do very well when running, but for walking, commuting, desk, couch, cleaning around the house and other more mellow activities these earbuds certainly hold their own and remain an excellent value in the segment.

1 Year revisit:

I have been using these earbuds now for a full year. They still provide 8 hrs of continuous listening to podcasts/music and watching videos. These have far surpassed all of my expectations. By far my favorite feature remains the ability to pair one earbud with my phone and the other earbud with my work laptop. I have been working remotely for some weeks now, and this feature absolutely takes the crown as most useful for me. I am on conference calls nearly daily and these earbuds have performed great. These ear buds are likely not meant to be used for extensive calls because they have a single microphone in each earbud. They bring in noise into the call and muddle the voice a bit when in noisy environments. No issues at all if you're in a quiet room, but you should not expect noise cancelling performance in calls. If used with knowledge of this shortcoming, you will remain happy with them for a long time. I still stand behind these as the best value wireless earbuds I have ran into over the years.

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