Waterproof Smart Sport Watch Full Color HD Screen Bluetooth Watch - Grabyourgadgets
Waterproof Smart Sport Watch Full Color HD Screen Bluetooth Watch - Grabyourgadgets
Waterproof Smart Sport Watch Full Color HD Screen Bluetooth Watch - Grabyourgadgets
Waterproof Smart Sport Watch Full Color HD Screen Bluetooth Watch - Grabyourgadgets
Waterproof Smart Sport Watch Full Color HD Screen Bluetooth Watch - Grabyourgadgets
Waterproof Smart Sport Watch Full Color HD Screen Bluetooth Watch - Grabyourgadgets
Waterproof Smart Sport Watch Full Color HD Screen Bluetooth Watch - Grabyourgadgets
Waterproof Smart Sport Watch Full Color HD Screen Bluetooth Watch - Grabyourgadgets
Waterproof Smart Sport Watch Full Color HD Screen Bluetooth Watch - Grabyourgadgets
Waterproof Smart Sport Watch Full Color HD Screen Bluetooth Watch - Grabyourgadgets
Waterproof Smart Sport Watch Full Color HD Screen Bluetooth Watch - Grabyourgadgets
Waterproof Smart Sport Watch Full Color HD Screen Bluetooth Watch - Grabyourgadgets

Waterproof Smart Sport Watch Full Color HD Screen Bluetooth Watch

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  • More convenient: After the phone is connected APP, it will receive the phone information reminder and displayiton the dial. Like a small phone on my wrist. So you don’t miss any important information.Whether you are exercising or driving, and make communication more free.
  • Ul interface switching: Five time page changes, just on the first page. Long press for 3 seconds to switch Ul interface fastly.
  • Full color HD screen:HD resolution, Narrow border, Glass mirror. Full screen touch, free to operate every corner. Show more delicate.
  • Heart rate monitoring and early warning: Real-time heartrate monitoring,the bracelet is equipped with a dual-holeimported green light optical sensor. Read heartrate changes accurately and use mainstream Al heart rate algorithms for more accurate anti-inter ference.
  • Multiple sports modes: Real-time view of exercise track, exercise steps, distance calories burned. Wait for the data to truly reflect your exercise status
  • IP67 professional waterproof: Waterproof, dustproof, meet a variety of life waterproof requirements, wash hands, rain, can be worn for swimming. Not for hot water soaking.
  • Sleep monitoring: Monitorsleep duration and quality to help you understand the details of each sleep. Develop healthy sleeping habits. Easily mastersleep quality.
  • Full touch screen:Full screen touch operation, the screen is responsive.
  • Hold bright screen: The screen lights up when you raise your hand,when you lower it. Automatic dimming and energy saving, convenient
  • Unlimited communication: Synchronize phone call history and phone book. Phonebook,free call back and view.
  • Sedentary reminder: Set up sedentary time to keep yourself in good shapeRest habits and express your attitude towards work
  • Record exercise data: Exercise heart rate exercise duration-mileage, speed, calories burned. Wait for sports data at a glance.Health at your fingertips.
  • Shake to take pictures: Enter the remote camera interface and take pictures easily. Record wonderful moments!
  • Weather forecast: Blue skies, white clouds, clear skies, sudden storms

Product parameters

  • Color: Black
  • Display size: 1.54inch TFT square flat
  • Battery capacity: 200 mAh
  • Touch method: Full touch screen
  • CPUB: Call chip
  • Accelerator sensor: G-seneor
  • Heart rate: HRS3300
  • System: BLE5.0Android 4.4+8.4+

Package Includes:

  • 1*Smart watch
  • 1*Charging stand
  • 1*Instruction booklet


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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Eduardo Suarez

Waterproof Smart Sport Watch Full Color HD Screen Bluetooth Watch

Michelle Bailey

Love it. It was very easy to set up. At first thought it looked to big and manly. But once I got it on downloaded and set up I’m loving it. You can receive messages but not respond which is fine with me and it doesn’t have all the extra apps I wouldn’t need on the watch. It has different sport settings I like that. I like that it does my heart rate, O2 levels an BP. I have the remind on for water and to stand and move. It all works amazingly. It does everything I wanted out of a watch and then some. Charging is very simple. Being able to use while doing dishes and daily activities is great also. And another plus for me is the band can be changed. I’ve searched bands already today and have several ready to order. So I can have a different style with that also.

Forever Chaos.
It's worth it.

TLDR: I got much more than I expected for $43. The health monitoring alone is worth it, but the sports functions, the sleep data, and the ability to combine the data with google Fit, has been invaluable. I would consider this an excellent starter watch, except I have no plans to get a better one. It does everything I really need and didn't cost a ton of money! I wrote this really long review to help people going through what I initially went through... I downloaded and installed and uninstalled so many apps, and purchased so many products that were unnecessary.... Summarily, give Fitcloud 24 hours to start delivering data to google Fit, don't bother downloading any watchmaker apps (they wont work with this), and if you want a good screen protector, look for a picture that has the actual measurement on it. Don't just order something that says it's "for a 44MM watch". It might be the wrong size, as actual touchable areas vary. I personally like the EZCO covers made for the Samsung Active 2 (although they don't fit perfectly), that has a black border/bumper.

I bought 2 of these. One as a gift for my mom, and one for me so I would know how it works to help her with it. I have fallen in love with this watch. We have them synced with various android devices.

I think some of the features need updating. I struggled trying to connect the Fitcloud app with Google Fit, only to realize later that it was just slow to register information. It took about 24 hours for them to start actually communicating. It is now synced up with google, and keeps track of my steps and various sport data. Unfortunately, it does not automatically transfer any other information. I have been manually adding blood pressure readings and sleep times into google fit, and have yet to see any specific oxygen or heartrate information appear there. However, with the continuous health monitoring, I'm able to look at the Fitcloud app any time for my current average BP, O2, and HR, which is really nice.

Since I was generally clueless about smart watches, the first thing I wanted to do was customize this one. I was sad to realize only one face was customizable (and that it does not support apps like watchmaker), but I was able to easily use a photo for the background. I was also sad to realize that some basic customizations were missing, like changing font sizes and colors. I think this should be standard on the customizable face at least, but inevitably, I stopped using the photo-face anyway. It did not have enough data on it for "at a glance". I'm now using one of the other available watch faces to accommodate that. Again, not my favorite color, but hopefully this is something they can update in future software versions. (It needs more digital faces, less analog, with more data available on them).

So far, all of my health readouts are nearly 100% accurate. There is a minor variation in the blood pressure readings (vs a cuff reading), but not enough to be bothered by it. It was not consistently off either, but no more than 3 to 5 points in either direction, and honestly, I didn't realize how much my BP fluctuates until I started wearing this watch. Those 3 to 5 points could just be one minute to the next.

The sleep tracking appears to be accurate as well. Although I can't say the exact minute that I nod off, the time shown in the app is always really close to my personal guess.

The full charge on the battery lasted about 10 days before I needed to charge it again. I'm now on day 17, and it looks like it will need another charge right on schedule. This is really awesome, considering I've had constant monitoring enabled the entire time.

I found the default band to be comfortable, but then the weather turned hot. I purchased replacement bands (22MM lug), and was able to install them without issue.

I then started looking for screen protectors and possibly an adhesive bezel. While the watch face itself is 43MM wide (and really strong! but I bang into things at work a lot), the viewable area is 33MM, so there's a good amount of black border that I wish I could dazzle up.

I first purchased (on a suggestion from this product page) a screen protector designed for the Samsung Galaxy watch. I ordered the 42MM and was surprised to find they sent a 32MM piece of glass. I guess that's the actual touchable area of the galaxy. I then ordered some galaxy bezels, hoping against hope they would sit on the outside of the glass protector and it would look great! but the bezel openings were 35MM.... so I ordered some more covers, and this time I made sure they were 35MM, but still, the bezel sat too high, and although it stuck to the watch initially, it didn't take much of a bump to knock it off.

Hopefully I remembered everything! Ultimately, I recommend this watch 100%.


Love the watch its brilliant but the straps went like this within the 1st 24hrs which am not really happy over as its looking tacky an dirty now.....I don't want to send the watch back cos of the messing about to set up again but it's the straps I only have the problem with.....if you can help at all with that thank you

Perfect for my teenager

I bought this smart watch for my daughter. she liked the look and design. Very cute perfect for my teen girl who is 16 and very athletic. She wanted something to track her workouts and steps. This does that and track her heart rate , sleep and she can connect her facebook and other apps to she can see why she gets messages by the apps or her regular text messages also appear on the screen. It can even help keep track of her menstrual cycle and it's loos cute with the rose cold color. It's even waterproof .You can change the screen designs on the face too. Great watch that does so much at a small price.

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